Mods install

How to install mods SpinTires full version?

1) Extract mods files and have them open
2) Open your steam folder (ing program files), go to steamapps / common / Spintires and open the media.exe
3) For safe copy and paste this file (make backup .exe)
4) Drag and drop all the mods in the correct folders
5) Open game and enjoy!

15 Responses to Mods install

  1. Adelin says:

    Hello how can I have this version of the game? Thank you.

  2. Madatij says:

    Could you be more specific? I don’t find a media.exe, I just find a folder named media. Inside this folder are two folders (strings and videos). Should I just copy the content of the .zip into the media folder (unzip, open the media folder and move the containing files to the games media folder)?

    @ Adelin: You need a steam account and the you purchase the game via steam. You also need a credit card.

  3. batka says:

    gd luck

  4. answer says:

    He means replace the items in \\

  5. Kim says:

    Where can I find the steam folder on my computer

  6. martin says:

    he means replace the itmes in media .zip

  7. kristoffer says:

    how do i get the maps to work ?? mine dont work i tryed to add a desert but it didnt show up ? and how do i get cars that dont replayses some of the cars that allready in there from before

  8. Hasse says:

    Could you tell how to install mods in a non steam version please.

  9. garnet gould says:


  10. fin says:

    ive downloaded a land rover mod and ive opened the media zip and just placed it in there, ive got a steam account, credit card and the game from steam, did I put in the correct folder in the right way? should I extract it in the folder or put in another folder, inside the folder.

  11. jasraj singh says:

    I love

  12. NAMKHIA says:

    Spintires Non-steam mod is installed?

  13. Isaac says:

    i have the full version of the game but i don’t have the folder called media pls pls help

  14. chase says:

    how do i do this if i didn’t get the game through steam?

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