Nervous Work Map v 2.0

Date May 16, 2018 11:58

The map is a large territory (1km x 1km) with a variety of terrain. (Places complete absence of roads)

What do we have:
– 2 closed garage
– 4 starting cars (replaceable)
– 4 random cars
– 2 loading points
– 8 sawmill
– 1 refueling
– Dirt, swamps, narrow forest and mountain paths
To 2 pilks there are no roads at all, lay your route!

There are two versions of the map in the archive:
– Light version: with light dirt, most for default
– Hard version: for real men, with very tough dirt. not for default (although fans of hard hard can try).

Have a good game.

Version 2.0:
– Almost all roads are altered or completely changed
– Many new roads have been added
– All files are recycled, remade and complicated
– Added one new file (now there are 8 of them)
– Added a small village
– All points of reconnaissance have been moved to other places, two more have been added (now there are 11 of them)
– One TP replaced by a random TP
– Now both garages are closed
– The starting point has been moved
And most importantly, now in the archive two versions of the map:
– Light version: with light dirt, most for default
– Hard version: for real men, with very tough dirt. not for default (although fans of hard hard can try).

Authors: Johnny_B


Head of Base 2 Map v 2.0

Date May 16, 2018 11:56

You were once again thrown to the breakthrough and appointed chief of the supply base and affairs for you in vain.
After the earthquake the bridge on the mountain lake collapsed and washed all the bridges lower (the roads also suffered in some places).
Large people from above decided to restore the work of all the objects in the district urgently, and they will help the military next to them.
Here, as luck would have it, the bosses (the eyes have to put their eyes on the loaders in places of work – and they’ll repair later, as always)

And the tasks you have are:
1. Take the fuel to the Mi-8 helicopter – 10 barrels (in order to dump the commission faster)
2. Take the coils with the cable to the Communicators – 6 pcs.
3. Take blocks of concrete to the construction site, put them into the Hangar – 10 pcs.
4. Bring timber from the sawmill to the Woodworking Factory – 6 pcs.
5. Pick up the finished products from the factory and take to the Base – 6 pcs.
6. Take the ventilation equipment to the mine (the mine seems to be running) – 6 pcs.
7. Take equipment boxes near the house Biologists – 3 pieces (preferably on a dump truck, there is nothing to unload)
8. Take the pipes, Gazprom there some kind of work – 6 pcs.
9. To take machine tools and stuff to Warehouse at a career like meh.masterskie gathered to do – 4 pcs (I advise the lift to carry on GAZ-3308)
10. Take the loader to the Quarry (you will see it next to the Warehouse) – we use YAAZ-214 ballasts
11. To take the loader to the rubble for the river – we use KrAZ-260B and blue trawl

We will carry the cargo dynamic – load EO-3323 (author Glushak) New Holland W170C (Authors: chekhrak, Psix19rus, yansors)
Also on the map there are KrAZ-260B, KrAZ-260A, Ural-4320-1912-40 (author msergt), KamAZ-5350, KamAZ-5350 Airborne Forces (author Psix19rus)
GAZ-3308 (author Darius), YaAZ-214, YaAZ-214 Ballast tractor (author Glushak)

11 sawmill (with the right approach to the case, you can close 2 -3 sawmills with one two openings), there is no garage – there is a supertechnical Ural-4320-1912-40. Auto on start is not replaceable. 1 Fueling

Passage requires the installation of bridges (6 times) and removal (2 times) – to put better without supports (so it is more convenient)

That where to carry is in the archive in the folder with the same name (screenshots) – the loading of the saw files is similar to the map Head of the base, keep in mind at Sklada the gate opens))))

There are two versions of the map – summer, autumn.

I express my gratitude to Glushak and Shurik Kudinov for the provided objects for the map and to all who helped to create the map
Have a good game!

Version 2.0:
* Autumn version of the map added

Authors: Shashok75


Scorch Map

Date May 16, 2018 11:48

On the map:
– 1 sawmill
– 2 car garage (1 closed)
– 2 refueling
– 1 felling
– 4 slots for cars

The size of the map: 1024х1024

Authors: Traxxas_Master


Countryside Map

Date May 16, 2018 11:47

On the map:
– 7 sawmill
– 1 garage (opened)
– 2 refueling
– 2 fellings + 2 loading points
– 8 points of intelligence
– 4 auto on start
– 5 cars on the map

The size of the map: 1024х1024

Authors: remoh667


X66 3 Map

Date May 16, 2018 11:43

On the map:
– 7 sawmill
– 2 garage (1 opened)
– 2 refueling
– 1 fellings + 1 loading point
– 3 logging zones
– 8 points of intelligence
– 2 cars at the start
– 3 cars on the map

The size of the map: 1024х1024

Authors: X66


Die Insel Map

Date May 16, 2018 11:41

On the map:
– 2 sawmills
– 2 garage (1 opened)
– 2 refueling
– 2 lumbering + 1 loading point
– 4 points of exploration
– 2 cars at the start
– 3 cars on the map

The map size is 800×800 meters.

Authors: Freak4883


La Luna 3 Jelly Mountains Map

Date May 16, 2018 11:39

Welkom to (Sotto) La luna3 v2, jelly mountens. La Luna3 is a mountain map with small, steep roads, tight
corners, lot of water, mud and even a swamp and a forest.
You have 8 trucks available, 2 selectable. The other 6 trucks are scattered over the map. Most of the
trucks are badly damaged or are in difficult positions (or both, but lucky the garage is open! 🙂 ).
Your start is at the garage with your two selectable trucks.
To find the gps positions (flags) you have to unlock the uaz469 or use one of your own selectable slot.
From the garage to the logging site to the fairest lumber mill is a road distends of +5.000m!

I have redesigned the whole map and there are lot of changes to La luna3 v1.
There are two large custom models and some smaller custom models on the map,
the game will freeze a few times at the start and to the logging site.
It depance on your hardware from your pc how long!

And again I have had a lot of fun creating (sotto) la lune3,
I hope you will have a lot of fun playing la luna3.

Map size 864m x 864m

On the map:
– 8 trucks (2 free slots) + 3 trailer
– 1 garage (open at start)
– 1 refuelling (at the garage)
– 5 lumber mill
– 2 logging station
– 1 log kiosk
– 6 flag

Authors: Yoep


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