The Mule Tractor

Date April 4, 2018 14:25

Game version: 18/01/29

A fictional hybrid tractor.

Has 7 of its addons.
Two versions of the tractor, differing by turning axes (1-2 or 1-3).

Carries 1-2-4 points, by skidding or by trailer.
Trailers with a low hitch location (for example, PTS-9) are best suited for use.

The management of this machine is subject only to drivers of the highest category, almost shamans, so they do not have a steering wheel.

Sounds taken from the mod DT-75 Bulldozer from woodingot

Original author: PressureLine
Envelope and revision: Vladislav Novitsky (vladn)
In the fashion elements of D.Alexandrovich and aluha74rus



Date March 16, 2018 12:51

Game version: 18/01/29

T-150K is a Soviet agricultural energy-loaded wheeled tractor of general purpose, produced by the Kharkov Tractor Plant named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze. At the same time, the agricultural, energy-saturated caterpillar tractor of general purpose T-150 is maximally unified with it. They differ in running systems, turning mechanisms, frames, gearboxes (unified by elements) and control systems.

– 5 of its add-ons + 3 standard
– steering animation



MTZ 82

Date March 8, 2018 12:35

MTZ 82 Tractor Mod for Spintires: MudRunner

Has 15 of its addons + 3 standard.
View from the cockpit without a dashboard.



TDT 55

Date March 1, 2018 16:38

TDT 55 Tractor Mod for Spintires: MudRunner

TDT-55 is a crawler tractor tractor intended for the removal and stacking of medium and large forests. Adapted for working in difficult forest conditions.

Has 4 of its add-on + 5 standard.
View from the cockpit without a dashboard.

Attention! This mod without SpinTiresMod version 1.6.0 will not work! (There are in the archive with the game). To turn the lock does not need to turn on!

Play the game from SpinTiresMod!

Installing SpintiresMod:
You can install the mod in any folder, except the folder of the game / editor itself.
To connect the mod, specify the folder of the installed game in the preferences (for example, “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Spintires: MudRunner \”).

VASIL KYPATSA, Nikita, Silent


Deutz Agro 661

Date February 27, 2018 15:26

Deutz Agro 661 Tractor Mod for Spintires: MudRunner

The presumed author of the envelope from Farming Simulator: hz888.
Envelope for MudRunner: Nicklegosta, with the help of friends.
Two colors: red and green.
Quite a passable and tractor tractor. Drags trailers. Has its own protection, flasher and weighting agent on the front.
Has 3 of its add-on + 5 standard.
There is animation of the steering wheel.



K-700 Original

Date February 27, 2018 15:16

K-700 Original Tractor Model for Spintires: MudRunner

Kirovets K700 with the original muzzle (grille), nothing else has changed, everything is original in default, the propiska is taken from the game.

In the archive three folders MeshCache, billboards and TextureCache:
– Files from the MeshCache folder put in in the root folder, using winRAR to replace.
– Files from the folder TextureCache cast in in the root folder, using winRAR to replace.
– You can put the folder billboards in the folder Media (you can and without it)

Constant display of Kirovets is provided, in multiplayer works.

IMPORTANT: make a copy of the archive and, and then anything can go wrong.

Models: Pavel Zagrebelny
Envelope: Den Huan


Fortschritt ZT 303

Date February 26, 2018 14:10

Fortschritt ZT 303 Tractor Mod for Spintires: MudRunner

Has 1 of its addon, carries standard trailers, has its own sound, various animations, you can open windows and doors, as well as in the cab you can look back.



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