Kraz 255B Phantom [V18/03/06]

Date April 20, 2018 13:54

It has 2 variants of a truck (with a constantly activated differential and no), 11 of its add-ons + standard, its sound, its load, steering animation.

* Added its own hitch
* Fixed bug with paws on the trailer
* Improved cabin interior
* Added a dashboard
* Replaced the steering wheel, seat and handles on the doors
* Fixed bugs with logs
* Change the course of the gearbox
* Improved cross
* Country – the suspension is now softer

Authors: zura4848 (Phantom)


ZVM 2411 P Uzola [V18/03/06]

Date April 20, 2018 13:49

By popular demand.
Caterpillar All-terrain vehicle Uzola is made on the basis of caterpillar chassis and has a body with 8 local passenger cabin, unified with UAZ cars, carrying capacity of 700 kg (without loss of buoyancy).
Caterpillar ATVs can tow a trailer with a gross weight of up to 1000 kg.

Has 5 of its addons.

At creation, we used the fashion from Vitaliy Shlegel (UAZ “Uzola”) , Vasya Karpov (vasia_b4) (TT-4 tractor) , Full drive model of Loose 2.

Note: This mod will not work without SpinTiresMod.exe.
Mod for poles. The archive is prepared for installation through SpinTiresMod.exe.

* Added load (Brigade)
* Changed the first addon
* Edited .xml

Authors: Silent


Ural 43260 [V18/03/06]

Date April 20, 2018 13:46

Has 7 of its add-ons + 14 standard.
There is a load and traces.

* Added 2 of their addon (autocar and trailer) and 2 standard (towing and semitrailer with 4 points of the garage). Requires DLC “Valley”
* Minor edits

Authors: Serj_


ZIL 131 Phantom [V18/03/06]

Date April 20, 2018 13:32

Quality, functional and beautiful mod.
In a fashion two kinds of the truck: with disconnected and constant blocking of differential.

– 10 of their add-ons + standard
– view from the cockpit
– various animations
– good speed and patency

Authors: zura4848 (Phantom)


Kraz 260 [V18/03/06]

Date April 20, 2018 13:28

Has 9 of its add-ons + 7 standard.
There is a load and traces.

* Added 2 of their addon (autonomous and trailer).
* Minor edits.

Authors: Serj_


MZKT 7410 [Game Version 18/03/06]

Date April 12, 2018 14:35

Has 12 of its addons + 10 standard.

Authors: diego11


Ural 44202-31 / 4320-31 [Game Version 18/03/06]

Date April 12, 2018 14:33

Pak from two urals, truck tractor 44202-31 and bortovik 4320-31.
44202-31 has 4 of its add-on + 7 standard.
4320-31 has 14 of its add-ons + 10 standard.

Legendary in the north Ural, a military model with an engine YMZ238.
This is the shortest base in the Urals, plus it is that when turning the rear wheels go on the track of the front, thereby increasing the permeability. YaMZ 238 is like a Kalashnikov assault rifle, in the north a reliable motor, is not afraid of a bad salary, it is low-turnover, it is possible to strangle in mud on small ones, then it climbs everywhere.

Authors: Artem Mohir (Darius)


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