Dongfeng Balong 350 (6×12)

Date September 17, 2019 15:39

– 1 Own Addon + 4 Standard Trailers
– Animation of Drawbridge, Body, Ladder
– Your Cargo
– Their Sounds
– High Quality Interior, Torpedo without a Plate
– In the Mirrors imitation of Reflection



Sitrak C7H540

Date September 17, 2019 15:35

– 8 Standard add-ons
– Your Sounds



Shaanxi F3000 (8×4)

Date September 17, 2019 15:32

– 1 Own Addon
– Animation of the Body, Side
– Your Cargo
– Their Sounds
– High Quality Interior, Torpedo without a Plate
– In the Mirrors imitation of Reflection



Kamaz 63501

Date September 17, 2019 15:29

– 20 of its add-ons + standard
– Their Goods
– Their Sounds
– 2 Body Colors



Western Star 6900 TS v 1.2

Date September 17, 2019 13:16

– Changed a little, added one addon for 8 points of cargo (logs)
– Has 22 of its add-ons, default hitch

Version 1.2:
* Trailers have wheels replaced with their own
* Green color added to archive
* Wheels Pack



Ural Next v 1.0

Date September 17, 2019 13:07

Pack of two cars in blue and chocolate. Have own loads, add-ons, sounds, various animations (boards, cargoes, steps, cardans, steering wheel, mud flaps, frames, suspensions). Mods differ in color, color of add-ons, and some add-ons are different. Traffic characteristics in the area of ​​default (plus, minus). Also, cars are practically new and including add-ons. Perhaps there will be a third car of a military option and a battered version as well. There is a little joke with sounds, including sounds (engine, differential, light on, reverse.
There is a minus for simulators and a plus for arcade players, this is the physics of bridges. Also, if the truck rolls over, then the trailer does not.
Animation of the drawbar ring prevents the trailer from turning over, but this will not always help. Quite a lot of work has been done to improve the truck and add-ons and in textures and physics.

– 11 of its add-ons
– Patency in the area of ​​default, well, maybe a little higher
– Your sounds (turning on the light, handbrake, engine, signal, back-stroke)
– Can carry 3 3, 2, 2 3, 4 4, 6 loading points
– Animation of the frame, suspension, cardan, steering wheel, steps, mudguards, sides and other defaults
– Your goods (some are animated)



Ural Pack FINAL version

Date September 17, 2019 11:27

– Ural 43206 “Hunter” redesigned box, and so everything remained standard
– The Urals 5453-4320-50m redesigned suspension, box and add-ons are slightly shifted
– The Urals 44202-0511-41 redesigned the box and the suspension has slightly reduced engine power
– To the Urals 5453-4320-50m added one trailer for 4 loading points
– Slightly moved cabin in the salons
– The add-ons have been rewritten now they are readable

The Pack includes:
– Ural 43206 “Hunter” – the lightest in the family of off-road Urals 4320, an excellent reconnaissance officer, practically not inferior in cross-country ability to its older brothers – triaxial vehicles. It has its own board, kung, tank, can carry 2 of its cargo points to carry default trailers, a field kitchen from the Lawn Zadka, a mini-trailer from Pak Kamaz. There is a small easter egg in the kung.
– Ural 5453-4320-50m – an elongated base, can be either a timber truck or an airborne one. It has its own sortimentovoz with KMU, a board with KMU, a tanker, a repair kung, a shift. Carries 2-3-4-6-7 points of your cargo.
– Ural 44202-0511-41 – an all-wheel drive tractor with a berth. Designed for transporting semitrailers. It has its own semitrailers: onboard 4 points, a carrier locomotive 4-6 points of cargo. Uses semi-trailers with Muzden Trailers pack, tank with Kamaz pack.
– Ural 4320-1110-41 – a 4320 chassis with a winch, some analogue of the default “certified” 432010. It has both default (ideal for starting fashion cards) and its add-ons.

Final Version:
* Changed Truck speed
* Reduced engine power
* Reduced wheel turning speed
* New name for add-ons
* Now all add-ons are loaded



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