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[Snowrunner] – Realistic Transmissions v 1.0.4

Date May 11, 2020 14:56

This Mod changes all Semi Transmissions to 10-speeds with reworked gear ratios. This also changes all Scout Transmissions to 6-speeds with reworked gear ratios. Each Transmission retains their original purpose and functionality, but now they follow suit of IRL transmissions regarding number of Gears and the Ratios between the gears

To install:
– Download the ZIP file
– Open “Realistic Transmissions” by double clicking it, it should open in WinRAR
– Open Initial.pak the same way, it should open in WinRAR (X:Epic GamesSnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient)
– Navigate to X:initial.pak[media]classes within Initial.pak while in WinRAR
– Copy the contents from “Realistic Transmissions” (a folder named “Gearboxes”) and paste that within “Classes” folder in Initial.pak while using WinRAR
– WinRAR will open a new window and ask if you want to overwrite the archive, simply hit OK
– Close all WinRAR windows and start the game and enjoy the mod

To uninstall:
– To revert to old transmissions, open the backup copy of Initial.pak you made earlier, and repeat the steps above, but using the original files from Initial.pak

Version 1.0.4:
* Updates to Gear Ratios
* Testing subscribe and install Folder Structure



[Snowrunner] – All Wheels v 1.0

Date May 9, 2020 14:55

To install:
– We go along the SnowRunner \ en_us \ preload \ paks \ client path and find the initial.pak folder, open it through any archiver
– Inside the archive, go along the path initial.rar \ [media] \ classes \ trucks and find the desired file for the truck, jeep, etc., with which we will manipulate. For example, chevrolet_kodiakc70.xml. Open this file with a text editor
– Having opened the necessary file, we search for lines and replace with lines from the file that we downloaded
– Some wheel sizes do not want to be set, so immediately change another line MaxWheelRadiusWithoutSuspension = “0.35” and change the numbers in quotation marks to 2.00 (MaxWheelRadiusWithoutSuspension = “2.00”). Then any wheels will get up
– By the way, so that any machine is available in the store at any location, we find the line Country = “RU” or Country = “USA” and change it to Country = “”, we do not write anything in quotation marks
– After all the changes, save the file and drop it back into the archive (if pulled out) and agree to a replacement, if not pulled out – we simply agree to a replacement



Realistic Graphics Adega Mod Pack v 2.9

Date January 30, 2020 15:38

Graphic arts
• Returns game natural colors
• Removes stains on the camera
• Removes noise at night
• Make Christmas trees in the game fluffy
• Changes the grass in the game to a more natural
• Removes ridiculous red tint from all plants
• Replaces a winch cable with a natural one
• Changes the weather with a smooth flowing time of day
• Makes beautiful sky and clouds
• Makes water realistic
• Corrects the ground surface of the game
• More than 140 textures have been fixed, I don’t see the point of listing everything
• Makes dust more realistic and there are options to choose from
• There are 6 types of different logs
• There is ReShade with the best filters configured
• Changes the appearance of stones
• Changes the look of the chipper
• Optimized a large number of textures
• There are new dashboard options
• It is possible to make the compass transparent
• There is a choice of clouds
• Various night options
• Options to choose from: young month, full moon, no moon
• It is possible to remove pieces of dirt from the wheels
• It is possible to choose realistic splashes from water
• Corrects headlights on white and adjusts other car lighting
• Turn off street lights during the day
• Turn off extra headlights on cars during the day

Cars and addons
• Returns the original radiator grilles (Ural 4320, Ural 432010, Gas 66, UAZ 3151, KamAZ 65111, Kamaz 65115, Kamaz 4310, Maz 6317, Kraz 255, ZIL 131) work great in multiplayer
• 5 cars were returned to the game menu deleted by the developers: 2 cars A-968M, S-4320, S-65115, D-535
• Many cars are registered with add-ons which were not there before (long dissolution, self-contained crane, platform with a crane)
• Also added to most cars additional tanks
• Fixed UAZ wheels 3151 and Ural 432010 on off-road
• Power and other characteristics of the car are not affected.
• Zil 130 and KamAZ 65115 connected differential

American trucks plus
• All American cars have improved traction, without increasing power.
• GMC DW950: mounted loader, new texture on the headlights, constant differential, increased steering angle.
• Ford LTL9000 mounted loader.
• Freightliner FLD120 installed repair parts.

Ridge DLC Plus
• D-538, B-6A increased throughput and engine power.
• B-6A and hook points added to the tank. Trailers added.

• It is possible to enable branch physics
• It is possible to enable stone physics
• It is possible to select the intelligence point checkbox
• Simplified garage menu for SpinTiresMod 1.9.1

Remove screen captions
• Removes unnecessary inscriptions: Response, Transmission, Passed, Distance and Steering devices are used.

Open all cars and maps
• Attention! Overwrites game save and default settings to open all cars and all cards with one Marshall star. Useful for those who have lost the gameplay.

Disks get dirty
• Rims on all defaulted cars are now dirty in the mud with varying degrees.

Autumn weather
• Autumn atmosphere of the game with clouds, with denser fog, the sun sets behind the clouds from time to time, all the colors and light of the sun are made in autumn.

• Follow the instructions of the installer, specifying the folder “MudRunner”
• Choosing the desired components
• Complete installation
• Run the game through SpintiresMod and enjoy
• If for some reason nothing has changed after installation, then clear the game cache manually (C: \ Users \ userName \ AppData \ Roaming \ SpinTires MudRunner)
• Selection with a different configuration of components is carried out through removal and reinstallation, and is made so that it is possible to return the game to its original state.

ReShade Connection
• In SpintiresMod, click * Game Settings * and click the * Settings * tab, put two checkmarks * Enable the built-in ReShade * and * Your ReShade configuration file *. Then through the button * Browse * we find the folder with the game and select our file ReShade.ini click * Apply *.
• Run the game through SpintiresMod and enjoy

• There are several removal options
• Through the Start menu, if you have agreed to be added to the Start menu
• Through the installation and removal of Windows programs
• Using the desktop shortcut
• Via a file in the folder “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Uninstall Adega Mod Pack”
• After removal, the game will return to its original state, as before installing the mod

Version 2.9:
* A new component “Updated default graphics” has been added for fans of the default atmosphere in the game. The original default graphics with all its settings, but all colors, contrast, brightness and saturation are aligned linearly. This allowed us to return to the game all the missing colors trimmed by the game developer. Installing this component will override the entire schedule selected above and the type of clouds with the exception of the Moon option, almost white nights and other night options. And other corrections in the form of textures and components will work as usual
* Added a New Refueling Sound
* Fixed Loading on a Trailer with a Lock



Default Transport Physics v 1.0

Date January 2, 2020 13:32

Mod on the default transport Madranner 4 DLC (almost all). The mod contains only registration of transport, physics and add-ons. I made it so that it was possible to replace these files in the original archives.

Reconfigured almost all the parameters of the cars themselves, add-ons, partially cargo. The car’s suspension, steering wheel, engine, gearbox, centers of gravity, sounds and light devices did not touch. The maximum speed of all cars is reduced, especially passenger cars “America”. In some cars, add-ons have been changed: they removed something, added something. For add-ons, the weight and centers of gravity are corrected, for cargoes it is similar.

All manipulators are strengthened, including in America”. At a minimum, UAZ raises. The MAZ-538 has increased weight, and the weight of its manipulator is up to 8800 kg. Increased carrying capacity: at the minimum reach, the KrAZ-255 chassis weighs 12 tons. At the maximum reach, it is a Hammer weighing 4 tons. Any, no, to the crane by default. All trailers, incl. “America”, have a swivel cart stop. The long dissolution has a lock of the middle knee in the unfolded form – it does not add up when driving back over obstacles. Can cling to a platform manipulator.

Reconfigured wheels for stiffness and grip. There are 2 options: I – slightly stronger than default, and II – more stronger than default. Here it tastes and color, to each his own. Well, or default. The resistance to movement is reduced for water and the adhesion is increased, while for dirt almost nothing is touched. Water and dirt are the same for both wheel settings.

For reliable results, it is recommended to bet on a clean game, without other mods. If you already have a Media folder in the game’s directory with other mods, you can rename it for a while and create a new clean Media folder. It should be registered in the Config.xml file, and have a registration string. In the mod archive there are folders: strings, Cars, Physics I option, Physics II option. In the folder with cars are registered cars and wheels themselves, both the main list from the Media archive, and from all 4 DLC separately. The folders with physics contain the files necessary for installing one or another option: the media file, and the _templates folder with the trucks file.

Temporary installation as a mod:
Unpack the archive with the mod. We get the folder Default transport settings physicist. In the Media folder in the root of the game, copy the strings folder, the contents of the Physics II option folder. From the Cars folder, copy the classes folder: this will install the auto of the main game list, without the auto from the DLC. From the folders with the DLC names (for example _dlc_oldtimers), we copy all the contents, the trucks and wheels folders, to the classes folder, which is in the Media folder. No file replacements should occur.

As a result of everything, in the Media folder should be:
– The _templates folder with the trucks file
– The classes folder with the trucks and wheels folders
– Folder strings
– The media file

If you wish, you can install the mod on an ongoing basis by replacing the corresponding files in the game archives, making copies of the original files and folders before that. PS: all cars were tuned on default meshes. Installing a car with original grilles should not cause critical changes.



Hitch Mod for default ZIL 130 v 1.0

Date December 12, 2019 16:06

Tow Bar for default ZIL 130. Only for the game version 03.03.16. The previous mod was for the game version 1.3.7.

Installation: copy the classes folder from the archive into the Media folder of the game itself.

Mod replaces in the game: B 130 (Zil 130)



Arched Wheels for any Car v 1.0

Date December 12, 2019 16:03

Fully redone UV (scan), removed polygon and completely re-textured, there are traces



Traces for Mod US v 1.1

Date December 12, 2019 15:57

Traces for the Mod US. Throw files into a folder with this mod with file replacement



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