1978 Ford Bronco v 1.0

Date November 16, 2019 14:17

In 1978, Ford began production of the second-generation Bronco. The new car became noticeably larger than its predecessor, stepping into the full-size category (the wheelbase increased from 2337 mm to 2642 mm), and it was based on a shortened platform from the Ford F-Series pickup. Modifications to the pickup and cabriolet have sunk into the past with the departure of the first Bronco. From that moment, the SUV began to be produced exclusively in the 3-door station wagon version.
Bronco was produced with a three-door body mounted on a powerful stair side member frame. To immediately be one step ahead of the Chevrolet Blazer – the main competitor at that time, Ford designers provided it with a comfortable spring-loaded front suspension with dual shock absorbers. Dependent suspension: Dana-44 front continuous axle axle on springs, rear – Ford-9 continuous axle axle on springs. Front disc brakes, rear drum brakes.

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