Beryozovka Map

Date September 14, 2019 13:14

Plot: Many years ago there was a village “Beryozovka”, it was famous for its forestry.
After the collapse of the USSR, forestry also collapsed. The locals of this village parted where.

Our days: One large entrepreneur who is engaged in the forest business decided to resume deforestation, which is located near Berezovka and delivering it to his sawmills, the workers pulled electricity to the sawmill, trampled the roads.

Your task is to assist the entrepreneur in the removal of wood from the plot and its delivery to the sawmills.

On the map:
– 1 Garage (closed)
– 2 Refills
– 1 Lumbering 2 loading points
– 6 intelligence points
– 4 Sawmills
– 3 Cars at the start (replaceable)
– Map size: 736m x 736m
– Map converted from Spintires game



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