The Mule Tractor

Date April 4, 2018 14:25

Game version: 18/01/29

A fictional hybrid tractor.

Has 7 of its addons.
Two versions of the tractor, differing by turning axes (1-2 or 1-3).

Carries 1-2-4 points, by skidding or by trailer.
Trailers with a low hitch location (for example, PTS-9) are best suited for use.

The management of this machine is subject only to drivers of the highest category, almost shamans, so they do not have a steering wheel.

Sounds taken from the mod DT-75 Bulldozer from woodingot

Original author: PressureLine
Envelope and revision: Vladislav Novitsky (vladn)
In the fashion elements of D.Alexandrovich and aluha74rus


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