Cutting Down the Logging Zone 2 Map v 1.6

Date March 27, 2018 13:27

Game version: 18/01/29

The map is built for the export of the forest by a scraper from a long plot. For this purpose, the tractor LKT-81 has already been registered on the map with all the necessary devices for exporting the forest.
Also on the map is registered MZKT-7402 with a trawl , with which it is possible to deliver the tractor to the loading area.

Owners of the licensed game should subscribe to these fashions in Steam. Pirates have to download them on the above links.
If you want, you can do without additional mods, but this will complicate the passage of this card.
Beautiful landscapes, worked up to the trivia of the road and a little bit of keenness in the plot will allow you to enjoy all the things for which this simulator is revered, despite all its bugs.

The proposed plot by the author: We open the reconnaissance points and look for the garage parts, which the inexperienced driver, together with the trusted car, threw into the ditch. We pull out Kirovets, repair the reserve and drive along the highway to the garage. After that, the preparatory actions for the logistic operations begin: We will transport LCT to the trawl and carry it to the loading platform. Then develop the story yourself.

The map size is 32×32 (1024 by 1024 meters). The
map is offered in two versions: Autumn – 7 sawmills and Summer – 5 saws.

The map also contains:
1 garage (closed)
1 refueling
2 loading points
1 automatic loading for the arcade
4 slots for the starting cars
6 auxiliary cars (including LCT and MZKT) + Random

To avoid crashes and crashes in C ++, I highly recommend using SpinTiresMod.exe (to launch the game only through its exe-shnik)

From myself: This card is comfortable for passage only in the proposed plot. Before you categorically speak out against the imposition of mods and other things, try at least once.
To immerse the LCT, you need to approach the goat with the right side as close as possible. Stand parallel to the logs and in the “function” mode, move the mouse to the dots. The loading zone of the LCT is quite large, so it will not be difficult to dive. Number of created logs: 3 points – 4 short, 4 points – 3 medium, 6 points – 2 long. To get 8 or more points, you need after loading 2 long logs to the log truck to approach the log with the loaded logs and re-immerse in the above scheme, then drop the cargo and get additional logs.



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