Dearborn Model H Rum Runner v 1.2

Date March 10, 2021 17:23

The Dearborn Model H Rum Runner is a custom rig by Hashwelder. It has a solid rear axle and independent front suspension. 13 color variations. Tires from modders: Poghrim, TnB BigDubz420, Quasi and Myself.

The truck can be converted into 4 different truck types with 7 different suspension sets:
Crawler – susp sets (Crawler, Crawler high, Crawler Super High)
Towing – susp sets (Towing High, Towing Super High) EQUIP ADDON TOWING PACKAGE FOR TRAILER TOWING
Rescue – susp set (Rescue) FOR USE WITH MINICRANE AND HASHWELDERS RESCUE RIG TIRES ONLY *remove bed and tailgate and equip engine 1100 CID GAA 18L V8*
Monster – susp set (Hashwelders Monster) ONLY SET QUASI TIRES ARE USEABLE WITHOUT CLIPPING

3 different gearboxes:
Stock 5-speed manual with 4-high and 4-low. (basically low+ is the only one not active)
7-speed auto highway gearbox. (only Auto, Neutral and Reverse active)
4-speed manual off-road crawler gearbox. (all gears active with 4-speed)

4 different engines:
5.0 Edelbrock Coyote V8
Super-charged 5.4L V8
534 CID Ford Super Duty V8
1100 CID GAA 18L V8

several addons and more coming:
Bed (default)
Tailgate (default)
Bed rails
Front Bumper
Roof Stuff
Bed Stuff
Snorkel Left
Snorkel Right
Spare Tire
Tow Package



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