Default Transport Physics v 1.0

Date January 2, 2020 13:32

Mod on the default transport Madranner 4 DLC (almost all). The mod contains only registration of transport, physics and add-ons. I made it so that it was possible to replace these files in the original archives.

Reconfigured almost all the parameters of the cars themselves, add-ons, partially cargo. The car’s suspension, steering wheel, engine, gearbox, centers of gravity, sounds and light devices did not touch. The maximum speed of all cars is reduced, especially passenger cars “America”. In some cars, add-ons have been changed: they removed something, added something. For add-ons, the weight and centers of gravity are corrected, for cargoes it is similar.

All manipulators are strengthened, including in America”. At a minimum, UAZ raises. The MAZ-538 has increased weight, and the weight of its manipulator is up to 8800 kg. Increased carrying capacity: at the minimum reach, the KrAZ-255 chassis weighs 12 tons. At the maximum reach, it is a Hammer weighing 4 tons. Any, no, to the crane by default. All trailers, incl. “America”, have a swivel cart stop. The long dissolution has a lock of the middle knee in the unfolded form – it does not add up when driving back over obstacles. Can cling to a platform manipulator.

Reconfigured wheels for stiffness and grip. There are 2 options: I – slightly stronger than default, and II – more stronger than default. Here it tastes and color, to each his own. Well, or default. The resistance to movement is reduced for water and the adhesion is increased, while for dirt almost nothing is touched. Water and dirt are the same for both wheel settings.

For reliable results, it is recommended to bet on a clean game, without other mods. If you already have a Media folder in the game’s directory with other mods, you can rename it for a while and create a new clean Media folder. It should be registered in the Config.xml file, and have a registration string. In the mod archive there are folders: strings, Cars, Physics I option, Physics II option. In the folder with cars are registered cars and wheels themselves, both the main list from the Media archive, and from all 4 DLC separately. The folders with physics contain the files necessary for installing one or another option: the media file, and the _templates folder with the trucks file.

Temporary installation as a mod:
Unpack the archive with the mod. We get the folder Default transport settings physicist. In the Media folder in the root of the game, copy the strings folder, the contents of the Physics II option folder. From the Cars folder, copy the classes folder: this will install the auto of the main game list, without the auto from the DLC. From the folders with the DLC names (for example _dlc_oldtimers), we copy all the contents, the trucks and wheels folders, to the classes folder, which is in the Media folder. No file replacements should occur.

As a result of everything, in the Media folder should be:
– The _templates folder with the trucks file
– The classes folder with the trucks and wheels folders
– Folder strings
– The media file

If you wish, you can install the mod on an ongoing basis by replacing the corresponding files in the game archives, making copies of the original files and folders before that. PS: all cars were tuned on default meshes. Installing a car with original grilles should not cause critical changes.



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