Diesel Locomotive M62

Date July 13, 2014 11:19


– Replaces MAZ
– Sounds of the engine from the original game MAZ
– Animation parts
– The model has its wheels
– Repairs and refueling vehicles
– Carries out transportation of people
– Total weight 25 tons
– Wade passes through any of the river

Authors: Zima TrainzUP, Rhys Trappett, StarT


3 Responses to Diesel Locomotive M62

  1. Trucker

    this is a stupid idea locomotive on wheels ? seriously man ?!
    but it’s a nice locomotive model :-)

  2. Sasquatch

    This version only works with the development demo. For the full version of spintires, use the version linked beneath the demonstration video on the spitires.nl website: http://spintires.nl/st14-m62-offroad-train/

    This mod replaces the UAZ

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