Dynamic Load for Auto Transporters, Trawls, Tow Trucks v 1.0

Date March 4, 2019 15:49

“Live” mobile loads for lovers of haul on trawls, tow trucks, car transporters.

In fact, these are defaulted cars with loading points written in them. Characteristics are trimmed to a minimum, so that there is no desire to drive on these cargo vehicles. Put such a “load” when choosing a wheelbarrow or compare prog. At the logging site, load glasses into these cars, and drive them to the trawl for example. Such a load is more realistic compared to the same static load. It sways, falls, and sometimes, for example, you can drive such a load in the form of a K700 and help the main body get out of the mud. It all depends on your imagination.

In this PAK – UAZ 469, Luaz, YuMZ-6, Chevrolet Blazer, Hummer H1, Ford F-150, Fredliner, Kraz 260, K-700, Skidder K8400, Maz 538. All of this cargo with lowered characteristics. Presence of all DLC is desirable.



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