Early Snow v 1.1

Date September 17, 2019 11:23

Early snow is creeping, the golden colors of autumn have not died out yet …
During the day, a gentle wind (not loud, louder at night). Sounds of an ax, tree felling. Water change.
The mod used files from the mods of Sergei Pasichnyk (early snow) Soul Reaver (my version of the graphic).
Feelings are more winter than autumn.

Move the contents of the mod folder to the root of the game with a replacement (save the source)
Removal is the reverse process.
Remove snow (falling) completely- media / textures-delete the sfx folder.
Remove sounds- media / sounds-delete the env folder.

Version 1.1:
* More Snow
* Added Snow throughout the coating
* Added Sounds
* The volume is slightly increased
* Slightly changed the Texture of GAZ 66 (a bit of snow)
* Minor improvements and changes


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