Ford F350 v 1.1

Date October 31, 2014 16:31


This Car is available in 8 different fashion colors.

To change colors, you need to go to the folder Media \ textures \ trucks \ Brute-F350 \, in her 8 folders (each folder in one file), you need to copy a file from any folder in the parent directory (Media \ textures \ trucks \ Brute -F350 \) was substituted. After that you need to clear the cache

Version 1.1:
– Fixed broken support at the platform wrecker
– Changed the initial position of the ramps to check the platform wrecker: now they are omitted

Authors: BruteTerror, SpunInDarkness


3 Responses to Ford F350 v 1.1

  1. Luis Fachi

    Muito bom o mod

  2. robbie

    Do I just hit download and it will work

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