GMC C4500 Top Kick 6×6 v 1.2

Date August 6, 2014 11:43


– Replaces UAZ
– The model has its own sound of the engine
– The model is the animation of the suspension
– The model has its wheels
– The model contains picking from other models
– Safety margin is 1000 units
– Fuel capacity is 1500 units
– Fuel consumption can reach 92 l/min

Authors: nicossalonso, pitbullsoldier7


3 Responses to GMC C4500 Top Kick 6×6 v 1.2

  1. StarbugTV

    There is one bug with this mod, the DefaultWheelType for RearWheel is set to be “GMC C4500 (2)” when it should be =”GMC C4500″, otherwise the truck has no rear wheels attached. Simple change that you can do on your own though by just opening the xml-file in WordPad and fixing the wheel-name for RearWheel.
    After that it works perfectly!

  2. snake20082

    thank you

  3. Mr.Raiso

    StarbugTV thank you so now it works properly

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