Graphical Essentials

Date June 11, 2014 14:03


Crystal clear graphics, bright colors, high quality textures

– Grass replaces old crusty dirt
– New concrete texture
– Denser vegetation
– Larger vegetation
– Removed fog
– Reduced DoF (Depth of field) for clear distant view
– Foggy nights/crystal clear days
– New grass texture for dry grass
– Blue water and reflections
– Bright blue sky
– Fixed muddy water to match the river
– Ligher grass texture
– Darker asphalt road
– New cement texture, twice the detail
– Re-colored lampposts
– Concrete tile is now more seamless
– New HD wheel tire mud
– Brighter days, more shadows
– Fixed water, looks more natural
– Game day always set to “Sunny Day”
– Asphalt is now a dirt road
– Asphalt road is now deformable
– Rocks now have a higher quality texture
– Wheel mud overlay is now 4x original
– Wheel mud shadow/bump map is rougher
– Mud on wheels will now recieve shadows from bump map texture
– HUD color changed for easier viewing
– Rock friction increased for realism
– Asphalt road now generates dust
– Waves bumpmap more dramatic
– White HUD is back due to popular demand


Make sure you delete “MeshCache.mhc” and the “TextureCache” folder in Appdata, then copy over the “Media” folder to your Spin Tires install and overwrite the files.


3 Responses to Graphical Essentials

  1. HeavelsT

    I am not see water WTF

  2. Alhdadaah

    Made my tires and mud completely black, this is bad

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