Guirbaden Map v 1.4

Date June 5, 2014 15:09

Guirbaden-Map-v-1.4-1 Guirbaden-Map-v-1.4-2 Guirbaden-Map-v-1.4-3

– Larger map
– Desert
– Track for fast car
– Big forest
– Rally track
– Broken bridge
– Mountain whit 1 very hard road
– Hill climbing
– Giant swamp
– Crawling zone
– Secret flower
– Test area

Version 1.4:
– Fix mountain road
– Add jump on track for fast car
– Crawling zone is now bigger
– Add mud nearby teste zone (in forest)

Author: Chocofrii


4 Responses to Guirbaden Map v 1.4

  1. Joseph GodwinKE

    whats the password

  2. T-Rieper-GER

    I have installed it in Media Folder and it dont change anything.

    Is it for Demo or Release Game?

  3. Psychotic Scrooge

    Hello i like this map alot would be a great map for the full game

  4. Andrew

    hello I am very new to spin tires and love trail maps and would love to download this if you could tell me how to download and install it in the game I would appreciate it I tried installing vehicles and I cant figure it out if you could help me I would appreciate it thank you

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