Harsh Siberia 3 Winter Map v 1.0

Date January 2, 2020 13:42

– 1 Garage (closed)
– 1 Gas Station
– 5 Sawmills
– 1 Lumbering (Automatic)
– 2 Loading Points
– 10 Points of Intelligence
– 3 Slots at the Start (can be replaced);
– 11 Carson the Map

Put everything in the game folder (before making a backup of the Config file) In case of a rare error, upload the Config file to the game’s cache yourself (this is for those who encounter an error with the winter mod)

You don’t need to download the winter mod, it is already in the archive

Delete folders, replace Config with yours, you’re done

If you are a supporter of SpintiresMod, then delete the Scripts folder from the “Snow_Mod_3” folder (If you use SpintiresMod, then do not delete anything)



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