Kamaz 4310 Original

Date February 27, 2018 15:46

Kamaz 4310 Original Model for Spintires: MudRunner

– The original grid of this model is added, BUT. Since the screenshots indicate that the lights were moved by the game developer.
To displace the headlights is impossible, since the coordinates of the light are indicated in the registration in the game, the manipulation of the propiska results in a non-working
– That’s why I did everything I could, changed the grille of the headlights a little (adjusted for default), I also had to
correct the texture of the truck a little . Otherwise it would look (see the third screenshot)

The default Kamaz-4310 with the original muzzle (radiator grille), nothing else has changed, everything is original by default.

In the archive three folders MeshCache, billboards and TextureCache:
– Files from the MeshCache folder put in MeshCache.zip in the root folder, using winRAR to replace.
– Files from the folder TextureCache cast in TextureCache.zip in the root folder, using winRAR to replace.
– You can put the folder billboards in the folder Media (you can and without it)

Constant display of Kamaz provided, in multiplayer works.

It’s important: make a copy of the MeshCache.zip and TextureCache.zip archive, otherwise things can go wrong.

Models: Pavel Zagrebelny Envelope: Den Huan


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