Kamaz 55102 with Trailer v 3.0

Date December 1, 2014 13:31


– Animation cab
– Chassis
– Body
– Boards
– Trailers and mudguards
– Changing the physics, the permeability and sizes
– Made new addons, three pairs of wheels now have two trailer capable of carrying different loads

Authors: Lexan, T-150, dimaks, KAMAZIST89, DRONKLIM, Mechanic, Trucker72, Vasya_TM, sanya1970, Silak_68, werik, Nothern_Strike, Stalker, BAUER, DIMON707, Newuser, giants, Kovsh, ronnie, MYTHBUSTER


3 Responses to Kamaz 55102 with Trailer v 3.0

  1. alex

    cum se descarca

  2. anri

    magaria da miyvars

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