Kamaz 65225 v 1.0

Date February 25, 2020 14:21

The three Axle all-wheel drive (6×6) Kamaz 65225 is focused on the transportation of goods on roads with any surface, as well as offroad. The machine is used as a part of timber carrying or dumping road trains, when towing heavy semi trailers, for transportation of road building and other special equipment. Often involved in servicing oil and gas fields in remote areas in the forest industry. Model 65225 has been in serial production of the Kama Automobile Plant for more than twenty years. Carries 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 cargo points. Two types of truck are in fashion: with a constant differential lock and a switchable one.

– 11 of its add-ons
– Various Animations
– Their Goods



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