Kamaz Pack v 1.0

Date June 21, 2014 13:30

Kamaz-Pack-v-1.0-3 Kamaz-Pack-v-1.0-2 Kamaz-Pack-v-1.0-1

– Make sure the media.zip is extracted to the game folder
– Go into folder for example “kamaz_standard WIPNEW” and into media and simply drag the folders into your media merging them with the folders currently inside
– Add-ons must be added last like the carrige, spoiler and trailer config

Author: Gabe


3 Responses to Kamaz Pack v 1.0

  1. Mitko

    How get this to work?I install right but dont find in game ?

  2. BahamutX

    hi are all your mods for the full game?cheers

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