Kolyma Map v 0.9

Date March 4, 2019 15:47

The map is presented in two versions: multiplayer “Kolyma” and single “Kolyma single”.

You have to carry firewood in mountainous terrain, dissected by fast rivers and streams. The only “normal” road here runs from one side of the river to the other, and has a long pressure along one of the steep banks. The road along the coast is winding and quite dangerous, and all detours are very rocky. Some roads (“directions” XD) are hidden and not visible on the map.

But before we deliver the cargo to the power-saw benches, we will have to repair the dilapidated bridges on the rivers: there are only three of them, and repairing requires average logs, in the amount of 6 pieces (multiplayer) or 3 pieces (single player) for each bridge. How to repair bridges – take logs to destinations, well, in general, that’s all. Have a good trip!

TO READ THE BRIDGE, load into the grooves of the bridge 6 (multiplayer) or 3 (single player) MEDIUM logs, “enter” into the bridge like a truck, “start” it. When you enter the “functions” and see the green dots on the logs – load them. And a bridge will appear.

The bridge can be passed to each other – by unloading and transferring the corresponding logs.

Total on the map:
a lot of exploration in the mountains
4 power-saw benches (3 in single),
2 refueling,
closed garage
5 points of garage parts,
two loading points
1 autoloading,
just logs
random logs (closer on the road if you are lucky).
4 cars at the start, 11 points of balance.

Dmitry Shuleyko (dmitriy1815)


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