Kraz 260 / 260V

Date March 5, 2018 15:44

Kraz-260 / 260V Truck Mod for Spintires: MudRunner

There are 2 trucks in the archive: KrAZ-260 and KrAZ-260 truck-tractors KrAZ-
260 – 13 of their add-ons + 4 defaults
KrAZ-260V Tractor – 7 of their addons + 3 defaults
good cross-country ability.

In order to avoid unnecessary questions – the TTX has a permanent all-wheel drive .

Special thanks for help in setting up and testing – chekhrak.
Acknowledgment: the authors of models AC-10, VI-3 – Max Panov, RedPaW [26rus];
TMM-3 – Maxim Pioneer;
Psix19rus – for an idea with a bridge, a residence permit and a given model.

Small changes on the model and add-ons.
All running gear (rotary fists, brake drums, pipes of pneumatic and fuel systems, tanks, hur).
And the cabin (humpback hood, a roof with narrow edges of rigidity, dimensional indexes) is strongly changed.



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