Kraz 7140

Date May 16, 2018 12:09

KrAZ H30.1E or KrAZ 7140H6 – SUV 8×6 is produced at the KrAZ plant in Ukraine. It was first introduced in 2004. KrAZ H30.1E is equipped with a YaMZ-6581.10 engine with a power of 400-420 hp, a YaMZ-184 coupling and a YaMZ-2391 manual transmission.

– for 6 of their add-ons + 9 standard
– your cargo
– good cross-country ability

* Added 2 kinds of their cargoes to the shaland, now it transports 2.4.8 points.

Authors: Maks_33rus


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  1. Romao

    Admin! This website hame “Spintires mods lt” only a Spintires and Spintires-Mudrunner mods…??

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