MAN 19414 F2000 Tandem

Date September 12, 2014 14:05


– Replaces Kraz
– Model has its own sound engine
– Model has an animation of the parts
– Model has its own wheels
– Model has its own configuration
– Model has advanced features
– Margin of safety is 600 units
– Fuel capacity is 680 units
– Fuel consumption can be up to 127 l/min
– Model is able to transport cargo

Authors: mx270, Werkstattleiter, ronnie


2 Responses to MAN 19414 F2000 Tandem

  1. Jztrucking

    Looks really great, only sad the game runs very poor with this mod, hope you can fix that?

    Keep up the nice work

  2. nikoxx44

    How to install this mod?

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