Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) 8×8 v 1.0

Date June 19, 2014 11:39


Pack contain:
– MTVR 8X8 chassis
– MTVR PLS load crane Addon
– MTVR Generator container Addon
– MTVR cistern addon
– MTVR suport cart
– MTVR suport canisters
– MTVR Fuel reservoir
– MTVR backup wheel

Reference xml for buitin game addons:
– MTVR cabin red lights
– MTVR kraz carriage
– MTVR kraz tent
– MTVR ural cart

This gone use the builtin vehicle uaz as a new addon, you are not able to use multiplayer and use the uaz when you instal this Mod.
Note: do not use this addon combination (this will be fixed in the future) suport_cart – MTVR PLS load crane – MTVR Generator container but you can use this one suport_cart – MTVR Generator container

– Install it manualy – Decompress the file in your Desktop, Drag the /media folder inside the main root folder of the game /ST / Make a backup first of media.rar or all the game.

– All the model have animated suspencion and all the model have animation parts
– Independent suspencion
– All wheels Drive
– 8×8 Truck
– Extreme Off Road Capability

Author: arraial


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