Nervous Work Map v 1.5 [V18/03/06]

Date April 20, 2018 13:40

The map is a large territory (1km x 1km) with a variety of terrain. (There are no roads at all)

What we have:
– 2 garages (one closed)
– 5 starting cars (replaceable)
– 4 random cars
– 2 loading points, 1 logging site
– 7 saws
– 1 refueling
– Dirt, swamps, narrow forest and mountain paths

There are no roads to all 2 pilots at all, plan your route

Version 1.5:
* Completely reworked all the dirt.
* Departure from the garage has become much easier.
* One start car was removed.
* Added 4 random cars.
* Many small improvements.
* Now the card is completely passable on default (however, nobody canceled the winch)

Authors: Johnny_B


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