Nowhere Map + Vehicles

Date June 5, 2014 14:58

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The nowhere is a vast land, where a scientist team was sent to extract, for analysis, the substance K. It was not a very good idea, since the last news we had from them was a hand drawn paper map with some kind of SOS message on it. No one came back. Everybody died and stuff. Well, the aim of this package is to make you explore the map. There’s a nowhere paper map .jpeg file comming with all of this.

Your mission is to:
– Find all the campsites (tent), and mark it on the map.
– Find all the substance K fields (trial marker), and mark it on the map.
– Find all the heavy stocks of substance K (group of 4 or more barrels), and mark it on the map.
– Find and mark all missing paths on the map.

Authors: Bardaff, Margot, Bregel, Fabien, SID


One Response to Nowhere Map + Vehicles

  1. richard rebello

    i wish there was mining or dump job which can be carried out.

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