Oshkosh M977HP

Date March 8, 2018 12:45

Oshkosh M977HP Truck Mod for Spintires: MudRunner

Mod is in its original state
Green has 5 of its addons + 3 standard
Sand has 6 of its addons + 3 standard
4 points of balance

Author of the original fashion: Vadim Chugaynov

Added a second, more powerful truck.



One Response to Oshkosh M977HP

  1. Ausmanis

    I made a great discovery when I subscribed to this as the M977 Custom Log Truck in the workshop on Steam, and it wasn’t long before I knew I’d found a really incredible machine. This high class performer doesn’t squirm around and bog in the mud or lose speed as it enters a rough patch, it keeps going like a mountain goat with a jet pack. It won’t hesitate to go anywhere and still keeps surprising me. It has climbed many rugged mountains that would scare any sensible creature into a coma.
    I lost it recently when Mudrunner decided to send my maps, trucks and challenges back to default and it’s no longer available after the author removed it. I felt like I’d lost my best friend and was seriously depressed until I found it here. Ah yeah I’m much better now! The only time I drive something else is on hardcore because it doesn’t have a crane, so I use the Huntsman, not as good but an almost suitable alternative.

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