S. Matveevo Map v 1.0

Date September 26, 2019 10:39

They say there is a fuel truck, and rem. We only have 2 cars to start and search for everyone else, we select exactly those that are suitable for you, but it’s better to pass something, you never know. Also, the main task is to find a tractor, it is being repaired in one of the places near the bay. Oh yes, do not forget to bring the trailer on it, otherwise the garage is completely empty: no tools, no spare parts. Broad heavyweights can not be taken, there are many bottlenecks where the Urals 375 barely fits.

Map size 832 x 608

On the Map:
– 1 Garage (closed)
– 1 Loading Point (automatic)
– 1 Gas Station
– 3 Intelligence Points
– 4 Discharge Points

Car Park:
– UAZ 469 0/100% Scout
– Ural 375 80/40% Without add-ons
– Kirovets 700 0/100% Loader
– Kraz 255 60/20% Without add-ons
– Wensternstar 6900хb 100/40% Tractor + loader
– Zil 131 20/100% Fuel Truck
– Kraz 260 15/0% Remk
– 2 Maza 7310 (to replace with your car). Starting



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