[Snowrunner] – Gameplay Hardcore v 1.0

Date May 6, 2020 14:36

Now you can completely change the gameplay to Hardcore, while changing the structure of your game.

* All damage to the truck components has been reduced to 10. One major malfunction can mean that your delivery is over. So be even more careful when you cross the terrain. This includes (engine, suspension, gearbox, wheels and tank)
* The winch length is significantly reduced. I reduced the length of all winches by 50%. This will make planning your route even more important.
* Reduced fuel supply for all trucks. The fuel tank limit of each truck is reduced by 50%. Purchasing a fuel trailer for those long journeys will be almost necessary. Take it easy on Diff Lock and AWD
* Prices for trucks have doubled, which means that the next purchase you need to think carefully (Add-ons and improvements were not affected)
* The weather has been slightly changed. Heavy Rain is now much denser and falls faster to provide a bit more realism. Changed and Light Rain, but only the size of the drops. This should provide a bit more driving problems
* The exhaust smoke has been slightly increased

Installation Instructions:
– Just replace the initial.pak source file with my modified initial.pak file
– You can find this initial.pak at: “SnowRunner \ en_us \ preload \ paks \ client”
– Important: Please do not forget to backup the “initial.pak” file so that you can return to the unchanged game



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