[Snowrunner] – Actual Weight for Cargo v 1.1

Date June 10, 2020 13:16

To use in combined with Actual weight for trailers.

The same as the other mod, the cargo was heavily underweighted, not as much as the trailers but lighter nontheless.

2 or 3 cargos remain unchanged because they have a reasonable weight

don’t be surprised explorers can’t move loaded trailers at all on any terrain other than asphalt
Bags full of cement and bricks are actually pretty heavy

Version 1.1
Rolled metal: up to to 8.000 kg, was 2500 kg (Please note that trucks usually carry at most 3 rolls)
Drill: down to 10.000 kg, was 16.000 (a bit overweighted)

Version 1.0
Bags of cement: from 1.500 kg to 4.320 kg (there are 144 bags of cement, 30 kg each)
Barrels (oli/fuel/etc): from 1.000 kg to 4.000 kg (16 barrels of 250 kg)
Big drill : from 8.000 kg to 16.000 kg (i think it’s overweighted, may correct later)
Bricks: from 1.000 kg to 4.500 kg (1920 bricks, 2,34 kg each)
Concrete blocks: from 1.500 kg to 5.760 kg (2,4 m3 of concrete)
Concrete slabs: from 3.000 kg to 11.520 kg (4.8 m3 of concrete)
Container: from 2.000 kg per slot to 3.250 kg per slot
Crates (food/parts/ect) : 2.500 kg (unchanged)
Metal planks: from 1.500 kg to 8.200 kg (lots of calculus here, not worth the hussle to write it down)
Metal roll: from 1.000 kg to 2.500 kg to match similars (i actually don’t know what is this cargo)

Installation and backup guide:
Make sure, you have WinRAR installed! No installation with subscribing as with all mods around here, that change base game files.

Manual installation:
Download the file
Navigate to the path you have SnowRunner installed to
Follow the folders: SnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient
Create a folder called ‘Backup’ to save your original file.
Copy the file ‘initial.pak’ into that Backup folder. Now you are ready to install the mod!
Open the original file ‘initial.pak’ with WinRAR.
Open the mod-file ‘(mod file)’ with WinRAR, as well.
Now drag and drop the [media]-folder from the mod-zip-file into ‘initial.pak’.
The files in ‘initial.pak’ will be overwritten.
Close everything and you can start playing.
If you don’t like it and want to revert: Navigate back to your installation folder and delete the edited ‘initial.pak’. Then copy the original file from your ‘Backup’-folder, and everything is vanilla again.

(Instructions copied from Fuel capacities based on real data mod page)



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