[Snowrunner] – Actual Weight for Trailers v 2.0

Date June 10, 2020 13:18

This mod do not modify any truck or addon. Just trailers
Do you ever ask why your little K1500 can haul a oil tank trailer like is nothing?

Well turns out that every trailer (except the scout ones) are very light. so i add a bunch of weight to every trailer.
Now if you are going too fast and then you stop or turn without slowing down, the trailer will drag you out and posibbly tip the truck or worse.
You will need a super heavy truck to move super heavy cargo with ease, or even to be able to move it.

Version 1.0:
Added weight to trailers
Disclaimer: all the values are approximated, said values come from google and my own knowledge.
Scout trailers: weight unchanged
trailers: from 500 kg-1.500 kg to 7.100 kg
Semi trailers: from 2.000 kg to 9.100 kg
Heavy contruction equipment: from 12.000 kg to 36.200 kg (aprox)
oil tank trailer: from 2.500 kg to 17.100 kg (10.000 kg are from 12.000 L of fuel)
oil tank semi trailer: from 7.000 kg to 26.100 kg (17.000 kg are from 20.000 L fuel)
oil tank heavy semi trailer: from 10.500 kg to 40.000+ kg (30.000 kg are from 38.000 L of fuel)
Service trailer: from 1.500 kg to 9.100 kg, repair parts and wheels increased (X2)
Oil rig semi trailer: from 12.000 kg to 42.000+ kg
M747 semi trailer: from 500 kg to 9.100 kg
Coiled turbine semi trailer: from 10.000 kg to 35.000 kg

Version 1.1
Fixes to the oil rig semi trailer:
-added wheels on the center (if your trailer leg bugs out, they will help supporting the falling trailer, and give you a chance to correct it with a heavy crane)
-added more force to the legs (now they will be able to lift the trailer)
Added more force to the cranes (all of them) 3 times more aprox (credist to ryankary12 for the big crane force values)
Added more weight to the big cranes from 2.000 kg to 10.000 kg, now the trucks shouldn’t move as much when moving trailers

Installation and backup guide:
Make sure, you have WinRAR installed! No installation with subscribing as with all mods around here, that change base game files.

Manual installation:
Download the file
Navigate to the path you have SnowRunner installed to
Follow the folders: SnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient
Create a folder called ‘Backup’ to save your original file.
Copy the file ‘initial.pak’ into that Backup folder. Now you are ready to install the mod!
Open the original file ‘initial.pak’ with WinRAR.
Open the mod-file ‘(mod file)’ with WinRAR, as well.
Now drag and drop the [media]-folder from the mod-zip-file into ‘initial.pak’.
The files in ‘initial.pak’ will be overwritten.
Close everything and you can start playing.
If you don’t like it and want to revert: Navigate back to your installation folder and delete the edited ‘initial.pak’. Then copy the original file from your ‘Backup’-folder, and everything is vanilla again.

(Instructions copied from Fuel capacities based on real data mod page)

Since the weights are up i recommend the MOAR POWAAAAAAA mod, and the Fuel capacities based on real data mod (you are going to need the extra fuel).
This three mods combined add a little more complexity to the haul business and also ease some mechanics that are not really fun (not for me at least) like the constant need to check the fuel.



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