[Snowrunner] – All Wheels v 1.0

Date May 9, 2020 14:55

To install:
– We go along the SnowRunner \ en_us \ preload \ paks \ client path and find the initial.pak folder, open it through any archiver
– Inside the archive, go along the path initial.rar \ [media] \ classes \ trucks and find the desired file for the truck, jeep, etc., with which we will manipulate. For example, chevrolet_kodiakc70.xml. Open this file with a text editor
– Having opened the necessary file, we search for lines and replace with lines from the file that we downloaded
– Some wheel sizes do not want to be set, so immediately change another line MaxWheelRadiusWithoutSuspension = “0.35” and change the numbers in quotation marks to 2.00 (MaxWheelRadiusWithoutSuspension = “2.00”). Then any wheels will get up
– By the way, so that any machine is available in the store at any location, we find the line Country = “RU” or Country = “USA” and change it to Country = “”, we do not write anything in quotation marks
– After all the changes, save the file and drop it back into the archive (if pulled out) and agree to a replacement, if not pulled out – we simply agree to a replacement



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