[Snowrunner] – Big Assembly of Mods v 1.0

Date May 27, 2020 13:36

The amount of dirt, the number of particles is increased.
Removed the night, a little more rainfall.
Engines became 25% more powerful (Fixed engine for TwinSteer, stock was more powerful than top engine)
Fuel values ​​slightly increased for all types.
The evacuation button has been removed. (Made a mod separately without this feature)
In the store you can buy everything at once.
A heavy 3-cell trailer now carries 4 cargo cells.
TwinSteer: got AWD and rear steering wheels.
Khan (Loaf), Tuz (Gas 69) and Don: the suspension is raised, wheels are shared up to 41 diameters.
Scout 800, Hammer, Chevrolet: the suspension is raised and the wheels are shared up to 41 diameters.
Wheels for all rubber are lowered (Visually)
The characteristics of the clutch of the wheels are fixed, for stock rubber slightly increased. Wheels with chains also increased mud patency. Fixed clutch of road wheels for scouts on asphalt.

Download the archive with the mod.
Go to the repository: SnowRunner en_us preload paks client
Find the initial.pak file, save it separately in an unchanged state. (Backup)
Open the file using win.rar, also open the mod file and transfer the files from the archive with the mod to the corresponding initial.pak files
The archive is repackaged and you can safely close it.

Multiplayer in this assembly works in one case, if both players have this mod.



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