[Snowrunner] – C.C.M. Scooter v 1.01

Date February 2, 2021 14:52

Scooter is a late 70’s era compact from a time when gas prices were on the rise and so was popularity for the imports, so C.C.M. decided to make a domestic compact to try and compete in the market and Scooter was born. this particular Scooter has been highly modified from stock form as no 4×4 options were ever made publicly available.

Scooter features 3 different 350 C.I. engines all offering different HP ratings for whichever application you decide they are best suited. 3 gearboxes available. the default, one for highway use, and one strictly for off-road use. although Scooter was a uni-body car this one has been placed upon a modified pickup frame of the same vintage and also incorporating the 3/4 ton rated axles and leafs that were on it and offers the ability to tow a scout trailer as well as full-size trailers. 3 different suspension options, default being a decent all around off-road suspension, high being well high, and off-road being a very soft and flexible suspension that can almost stand the axle on end in certain situations. plenty of color options for customization featuring solid and two tone designs.

thank you for checking it out. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do(and i honestly really like this one)

most of the meshes for the parts of the model came from hum3d with modification done by me to put it together. motor, mastercylinder, rollcage , and bodywork done by me all textures also done by me(everything I’ve put out is, just felt like saying it on this one i guess) tire meshes are as follows freshbuckshot is a modified version of offroad_tire_301 by pablo perez (2009) and the bogger mesh was done by me.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.(you all should know who you are by now, and the list is indeed getting longer)and that includes all of you who have left constructive criticism to help and shape these things i put together into the little “masterpieces”(they are to me.) they all should be. thank you

Things still to come
1. i think only a custom snorkel( but at the same time i almost want to leave it with that handi-cap tbh)

2. working guages? i still havent gotten a set to work yet and it doesnt really bother me

3. working mirrors? another thing that i dont really use or care if it happens. so it might happen in the future it might not. well have to see i guess

Will this come to console? idk the files are there, i think it can be as there is no badging or references to the real world equivalent in description or gameplay without dev tools to see the file names so we will have to wait and see if it makes it or not. if it doesn’t i will try to get it up to snuff, if need be afterwards.

as with all my mods do not under any circumstances take and re-upload anything I’ve put together or created without my permission. (if you want to use a mesh I’ve created all you have to do is ask most of the time,and a nod to me wherever you use it, is all i ever ask in return) as far as uploading tweaks of my mods if you keep them private, then hey who cares. but I don’t want tweaks published publicly, (if you want to make mods, than learn to make mods.and make it yourself there’s a lot of time and effort involved in putting these things together and im just not cool with it, all the models I’ve used are easily publicly available, and the ones I’ve made, some have way to many hours for what they are into them.now if you wanted to work together and publish them on the same page with the credit to each accordingly? well that’s a different story,and that can be talked about)



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