[Snowrunner] – International Loadstar 1700 Tuning Truck v 1.0

Date May 27, 2020 13:33

This Azov 64131 has any options of higher suspension, 50″ and bigger Tires, 6 – 8 Speed Offroad and Racing Gearbox, more Bumpers, Exhaust, Snorkels, Roofrack and other

This mod has many options, but it should still be realistic.

Mod not worked in Coop ( complain there Forums.focus-home.com) and cracked Games.

No manual install –> This kills the orginal game and our mods. The mods are linked with the initial.pak.

1. For Subscription, you must have an Mod.io Account and it must linked with Snowunner (wrong E-Mail is not possible)

If the E-Mail is incorrect, simply delete the .modio in /Documents/MyGames/SnowRunner/base/Mods/ -> And you can start again with right E-Mail

2. You have to download Subscription right above and not the .zip

3. Never touch the [Your drive]:[Game folder]SnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclientinitial.pak , that can destroy your mod option!!! That can also happen with other mods!!!

(You can correct this by checking game files( over client) and deleting the /.modio folder.)

4. Start Game, activate Azov 64131 Tuning under Mods and then have fun



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