[Snowrunner] – Kat Kolob CK9150 v 1.2.5

Date February 2, 2021 14:28

This is a Test Version of the truck. If you do download it, be aware that I expect it to be taken back down in about 5 days. Also, if you use it, I would like feedback on the truck, more specifically the tire choices. They are base tire sets with different values for the different surfaces. I am trying to nail down just what changed with recent game updates. The categories of each tire will be where that tire is strongest though the tire may have better stats than base tires. I tried to keep things balanced but it is very subjective so feedback is very helpful. I would not consider this a “cheat” truck but one that has the performance of what you’d expect from such a truck today. Also be mindful that the truck seems OP when its not hauling cargo. That impression will change once you have a trailer with a full load. After all, that’s what this truck was designed to do.

The details:
This is the base Kolob with added suspensions, gearbox, engines, addons, and tires (same as most mods). The tire and engine additions are better than base values. The truck still behaves like I think it should have in the first place. The tires have the biggest impact so I spent a lot of time testing and tuning them to work in most environments. The engines are a far piece better than base but the truck is virtually unusable without the extra horsepower and the options allow you to use less powerful engines if you want a base game feel. Everything should be unlocked. The truck is set to be very cheap so users can get it early in a new game however there is limited use until one reaches about level 5. Have fun and good health.

– Faster steering with some rear wheel steer added.

– Custom Active Suspensions (along with default suspension) The Active Suspensions are suggested for all uses but the default suspension work fine too.

– Custom Offroad Gearbox (as well as the High Range and Default versions). The truck is fast for a Heavy but also has great low gears.

– Enhanced Russian Engines and two US Engines (including a Cat specific engine). All engines feature more power but only the most expensive ones are “excessive”. Even though, you will need lots of power for hauling oil rigs through mud and rocks.

– Larger fuel tank – 500L

– More tires. Added All-Terrain, Offroad and Rock, and “Snow” tires. Allterrain are a good all around tire and work for many conditions. Offroad are very good on rocks, dirt, and rough areas and even in some mud. Snow tires are similar to mud tires with the ability to work on ice. They are found under the “Chains” category. All upgraded tires are identified with an “SP” name.

– Offline Winch – longer and stronger

– Added Saddle Low and a few Addons to help make this truck more useful.

– The Maintainer Van Addon has extra repair points and wheels, no fuel. (800 repair and 6 tires)

– Maintenance Addon which retains the ability to tow trailers. (My Favorite Addon) The Addon has 2000L fuel, 2000 repair points, and 16 tires (way overkill I know)

– A couple of Roof Top Racks. They do not contain a lot of equipment but will help in those odd times.

– Limited color choices that go with the theme of a Caterpillar/Kobol collaboration. I suggest using the Dark Yellow (or faded orange) as it does look like a Cat.



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