[Snowrunner] – Kolob 74760 v 1.0

Date May 13, 2020 14:26

Standard Kolob 74760 Truck with Attachments and Low Saddle Trailer

Attachments that can now be used:
– Flatbed
– Van Body
– Maintenance Frame
– Seismic Vibrator
– Sideboard Bed
– Fuel Tank
– Saddle High (this was already allowed as standard)
– Saddle Low

Adding the Low Saddle means all Trailers can now be Attached to this Truck. The Trailers are slightly raised at the front due to the height of the Truck but still works fine.

To install:
– Download and unzip the file. Make sure you have the latest WinRAR installed
– Go to your game directory (i.e. C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client\) and open “initial.pak” with WinRAR (or changed to initial.zip but dont forget to change it back to .pak after)
– Go to [media] > classes > trucks
– Open this mod file “kolob_74760.zip” with WinRAR. Double-click classes > trucks
– Drag & Drop the file “kolob_74760.xml” you downloaded into the “trucks” folder in your game directory and confirm the action with “OK” in the upcoming window without changing any values. It will overwrite the original file
– Start your game and enjoy



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