[Snowrunner] – Realistic Transmissions v 1.0.3

Date May 8, 2020 15:37

This Mod changes all Semi Transmissions to 10-speeds with reworked gear ratios. This also changes all Scout Transmissions to 6-speeds with reworked gear ratios. Each Transmission retains their original purpose and functionality, but now they follow suit of IRL transmissions regarding number of Gears and the Ratios between the gears

To install:
– Download the ZIP file
– Open “Realistic Transmissions” by double clicking it, it should open in WinRAR
– Open Initial.pak the same way, it should open in WinRAR (X:Epic GamesSnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient)
– Navigate to X:initial.pak[media]classes within Initial.pak while in WinRAR
– Copy the contents from “Realistic Transmissions” (a folder named “Gearboxes”) and paste that within “Classes” folder in Initial.pak while using WinRAR
– WinRAR will open a new window and ask if you want to overwrite the archive, simply hit OK
– Close all WinRAR windows and start the game and enjoy the mod

To uninstall:
– To revert to old transmissions, open the backup copy of Initial.pak you made earlier, and repeat the steps above, but using the original files from Initial.pak

Version 1.0.3:
* Fixed a missing from the scout.xml file



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