[Snowrunner] – Responsive Steering v 1.0

Date May 6, 2020 13:53

From the beginning, in the Chevrolet CK1500, I felt something was weird with the steering.

Playing with an xbox360 pad, I couldn’t steer a little. Moving the stick slightly was not making the car slightly turning and pressing it too much was driving it into a drift or spin. So I ended up doing spikes in my steering, giving small but strong hits to get small steering moves and constantly correcting.

And what acted on the Chevy became more obvious with bigger trucks : slight stick moves was not acting before I stayed on this position long enough and then the truck was over-acting running into drift.

So I tried a few parameters before finding the most obvious : Responsiveness.
And all of a sudden, eveything became smooth and clean.

No more lag or dead-zone effect, no more spikes needed to do slight steering adjustments, a very small stick moves was translating into a very gentle truck direction adjustement. I could now drive long gentle curves keeping my finger pushing very slowly on the stick without over-reactions of the trucks. It was so much enjoyable and particulary with heavy trailers on road where steering must be as soft as possible. Night and day.

So this mod corrects responsiveness of each truck and as there’s a file per truck, you can correct one or all the trucks you want. As I said I play the game with a pad and I wonder if this would suit or improve driving with a wheel. I would be interested if wheel drivers could report their experience.

In my case, I really enjoy the game at a higher level. I hope you will too.

Note: As for my other mods, this mod is not a vehicle and won’t be handlked properly using subscribe button. So instead, hit the size over the description to download the file and you will find simple and clear installation notes inside the archive.



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  1. Aquaris

    Thanks, now the Fleetstar isn’t some drifter’s BMW e30……) :D

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