[Snowrunner] – Sky Bloom remover v 1.0

Date May 1, 2020 19:49

A small setting that removes the sky bloom. I personally do not like the bloom in games, maybe someone also does not like it.

The picture softens, the sky becomes cleaner and more pleasant in appearance, without overexposure and without an incomprehensible radiance along the horizon. Only bloom removed, everything else is left over the drain. Pleasant bonus: + [3-5] frames.

The archives [.pak] are opened by Winrar.
The contents of the daytimes folder from the downloaded archive are put in a similar folder inside the Initial.pak game archive with a replacement. Well, before installing, make a backup just in case!
The path to the archive and the folder itself is SnowRunner \ en_us \ preload \ paks \ client \ initial.pak \ [media] \ classes \ daytimes.
Have a nice game!)

If you want to remove the driver for a normal view from the cab, such as what is in the ATS / ETS, then you need: along the path – Snowrunner / en_us / preload / paks / client / shared.pak / [meshes] delete the following files:
– env_driver_animation_m_s
– env_driver_animation
– env_driver_animation_m_t
– env_driver_animation_m_ht



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