[Snowrunner] – Tuned Suspensions – all Trucks Pack v 1.0

Date May 27, 2020 13:12

**Manual Install** File is zip archive and needs WinRar to extract into your initial.pak[media]classessuspensions

*This pack supersedes my Scout pack, US truck pack and RU truck pack.*

I went through every truck and scout in the game and tuned every suspension. Some trucks benefited more than others. Some trucks have limitations based on the actual 3d model of the suspension setup that prevents radical change. But ALL will ride better. Again I found some trucks missing the Damping setting completely and some trucks just had no consistency in numbers from their default to their raised suspension.

I did NOT add any higher suspension than what is available for the trucks in the base game files.

As nothing has been renamed and you install these into your initial.pak these should work in multi-player but no guarantee.

Please let me know if anything needs updating.



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