[Snowrunner] – TwinSteer all Axles Steerable v 1.0

Date May 10, 2020 19:02

This Mod makes all of the axles of the Western Star 6900 TwinSteer Truck steerable and thus improving the manoeuvrability greatly on this huge truck.
Note: The effects are more noticeable in game than in the screenshots!
The two axles at the far end of the truck have been made steerable, thus improving the manoeuvrability of this truck greatly.
This also serves as an example on how to do so. Feel free to try it with other trucks by changing the respective values.

To install:
– Download and unzip the file
– Go to your game directory (i.e. Epic LibrarySnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient) and open “initial.pak” with WinRAR (it’s free)
– Go to the right place by doubleclicking on the “[media]” folder, followed by the “classes” folder and then again on the “trucks” folder that are shown within WinRAR
– Drag & Drop the file “ws_6900xd_twin.xml” you downloaded into WinRAR and confirm the action with “OK” in the upcoming window without changing any values. It will overwrite the original file
– Close WinRAR



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