[Snowrunner] – Ultra Particle Mod v 1.0 [BETA]

Date May 3, 2020 14:29

This mod gives you the following tweaks:
* More mud particles that last for 400 seconds.
* Mud now collides with wheels with more friction.
* Mud is now up scaled by 0.2% (More mud than vanilla-game)
* Leaves from broken trees and bushes now fall onto the ground and can now also collide with wheels!!

I added collision code to the xml’s (leaves would fall through the map in vanilla game)

* Exhaust last 5% longer than vanilla.
* Wet Mud splashes on the ground/snow last forever.
* Grass particles is now also present.
* Twigs from bushes now last for ever and will also collide with wheels.

All these tweaks will bring a more enjoyable experience for gamers who really enjoy real simulator games.

Please let me know in the comment section if you have any praise or complaints.

There are two methods for installing this mod. One easy, and one a bit more complicated.

Method 1: [EASY] 1: Download my Zip folder.
2: Make a backup of your initial.pak file. (C:\YourInstallFolder\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client
3: Replace the “initial.pak” file with the “initial.pak” you downloaded.
4: Play the game

Method 2: [Complicated] (This method is used if you have other mods that you do not wish to break)

1: Download my Zip folder.
2: Backup your initial.pak file before editing it.
3: Open initial.pak file with winrar.
4: Once open, navigate “[media]\classes\particles
5: Drag the files from my zip folder into the winrar window and press OK.
6: Play



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