SpinTires Launcher 2.3

Date June 17, 2014 13:01


Easy to use Save manager for SpinTires

What’s New in Version 2.3
Refresh list by pressing F5
Added button to start game without save.
If game is not running launcher checks every 10 secs if game is running
Major improvements and tweaks codewise

Version 2.0:
– Completely reworked system
– Now displays all saves
– Now displays map
– Now displays save date
– Added ability to start spintires with specific map by either double clicking it or selecting it and clicking play
– Tool is able to check wether game is running or closes (also when the application starts and ST is already running)
– Added ability to save level after the game closes
– Added ability to manually save a map
– Automatically sets the right save file to load in the config.xml file
– Added context menu

Author: MarijnS95


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