SpinTires Save Manager 1.1

Date June 16, 2014 13:03


A simple save manager for SpinTires.

When you play another map, the saves of any previous maps you played are still on your computer. This program changes the config file to make the game load any other map. Warning: if you have restarted a map, the previous save of the same map is removed.

If you play on the coast map, and then start a plains map, you can still play on both maps with the progress.
If you play on the coast map, and then start a new coast map, previous progress is lost.

How to use – level selecting:
Select a map you want to play and press Set level. The game will now try to load a save from this map. If there is no save file present it starts a new map automatically.

Backup system:
The backup system helps you to save more levels of a certain map. This way you can have multiple progressed saves of the same map. This also adds the ability to restore these saves later on, and can also be used as a real backup system for when your game might crash or you take a stupid decision you’d like to revert.

How to use – backup system:
You can create a backup by clicking the create backup button. The backup will be made of the map you selected on top. You are prompted to enter a name for your backup. Please don’t include .’s or other invalid file names as this will make the program crash. When you want to restore a backup, this overwrites the save file the game would originally load. So if you have not backed this file up yet that progress is lost.
The backups only show per map type so please select the correct map first at the select level.

This program uses NET Framework version 4.5

Version 1.1:
– Added working backup system

Author: MarijnS95


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  1. James

    How do u save mudruner on pc do u have to pass a certain level

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