Summer Journey Map v 1.0

Date September 23, 2019 12:20

The Map is quite simple, suitable for default four-wheel drive trucks. Be careful when you are alone with your car, driving through the next section. The forest, like the railway, does not forgive mistakes. A small village, which was formed at the opening of a large woodworking enterprise and repair of trucks. Not far from the village, construction of a road began to connect with larger cities. But everything stopped in an instant and became abandoned after the bankruptcy of the service station and the sawmills. One by one, local residents began to leave their homes and apartments. Only the watchmen remained. Last spring brought many troubles: the bridge collapsed, the only normal road to the outside world; the plots that were harvested in the winter remained inaccessible to old trucks. A small group of all-terrain vehicles was assembled, ready to help deliver firewood to the sawmill and to small villages in order to somehow winter. Having reached the destroyed bridge, it was decided to look for another road, because somewhere there it is.



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